Seems ages since I’ve posted anything with all the pressure of getting the assingnment off and then doing reports. Not to mention a week in the South of France when I did no work what so ever.

Recently had another session at the university on Representation. This really didn’t start well when I walked in at 9.20, convinced that I was in plenty of time for a 9.30 start only to find a room full of people who had all been busy since 9.00!!!

I am really interested in the idea of representation and how we can use models and images to support the children’s understanding. There were two things that really made me think in today’s session.

The first one was about how we represent numbers to young children. How do we show the number 10? It may just be the abstract numerals but what about a more concrete representation?

If we show 10 as two rows of 5 it is a very concrete image that is easy to recognise. Consider what happens when we show 9 in the same way.

It is obvious that one is missing and therefore that 9 + 1 = 10. This could make it much easier for some children to grasp the idea of number bonds to 10.

The second idea that seemed to be immediately useful was to link the use of arrays with teaching of grid multiplication. However as my Sunday is on the table I will leave that for another post.