And so to next year!

I was quite shocked to see that it was over a month since I had posted anything. A sign of how frantic the last month of the winter term is I suppose. But with productions all over and carols sung into oblivion, there is now a window of time to think about what I am going to do in 2011.

I suppose that there are 3 main areas that I need to focus on which will probably have some overlap: What am I going to do in my classroom this year that will make a difference? What am I going to do as Maths coordinator that will improve teaching and learning in the school? And also what am I going to do on the second year of my MAST course?

The first one is obviously the largest area and covers far more than maths so I will start at the end and work backwards.

What am I going to do on the second year of my MAST course?

This of course presupposes that I will make the second year! I am fairly certain that I will not have passed my second assignment as I suspect that it was too woolly and not researched well enough. Hopefully I will get feedback that is detailed enough to improve it without having to spend too many hours sweating blood and tears over it but I mean to get it passed somehow.

So what will the second year entail?

We have dates for the residential visit which should take place in early March. For some reason they have decided to send all the Leics people all the way down to Huntingdon rather than just up the road to Derby! The organisers are including an extra session on the Sunday pm on researching so I wonder if they have found a weakness in the assignments? Any help will be welcome.

The main focus of the year will be the big assignment which will have a whole school focus. We were sent the details of what is required just before Christmas so that we could begin preparing. It seems strange to begin another assignment without knowing the result of the previous one. I need to think about what to focus on and then how to go about carrying out my research. It would be sensible to carry on looking at representation as that has been my main interest so far and I would be able to use that with all age groups.

Then there will be the network and HEI meetings as last year for which we already have a provisional timetable. I love the meetings and never fail to take away at least one idea that I can use in school. The idea of ending up as a specialist is quite daunting though. It seems a perfect example of the more you learn,┬áthe more you realise that you don’t know.

I hope that I can really begin to build on what I have learned this year and use it to make a positive contribution in school.

Happy New Year to all fellow MAST ers.