New Year for a Maths Coordinator

This is the second part of my thinking about what I need to do in 2011 and this post will concentrate on what I want to do in my role as coordinator.

The first thing that I need to do is to review the maths policy. Our policies are all on a 4 year rolling cycle and the maths one is due for review in March of this year. There shouldn’t be a huge amount of work involved in that as it was fairly comprehensively rewritten four years ago and we haven’t changed anything major in that time. Also it has to be kept to an agreed format so there is a limit to what I can change even if I wanted to.

I need to consider what inset is needed by the school and this could possibly be linked to what I do as my whole school research project for the MaST course. There are at least 2 full staff meetings that I need to lead. There aren’t any really pressing school priorities so it’s a matter of thinking of what would be most useful for the staff as a whole. I might look at doing the Crystal Maze as we now have the resources to try and give a boost to teachers developing mathematical thinking in different ways.

An idea that a friend on PTRC (thanks Greyengine) came up with is to create a document for new members of staff of useful documents and information. This is something that I definitely want to create as I was horrified to find in November that our NQT in year 2 had not been told that we subscribe to Educationcity. It is easy for information like that to slip through the cracks as everyone assumes that someone else has told them.

It would be very easy for such a document to get very big and unwieldy so it needs to be short and user friendly but I think that it is important that there is something that can be given out for a new member of staff (or student) to look at when necessary. It will include sites such as Educationcity that we subscribe to and basic details of how to find resources as well as maths software that we have in school. I don’t want to get bogged down with things such as AFL and marking as they are included in the maths policy which is obviously read by every new member of staff:-).

Linked to that, I also want to make sure that all necessary documents are available on the VLE. Most things are on the school server but if I put planning sheets, med term plans etc on the VLE then everyone has access both in and out of school. It will probably also be worth uploading documents such as pitch and expectations from the strategy site as no one knows how long it will be around for (and isn’t always available at the moment).

We also need to continue to look at the use of APP and moderation. As part of the MGP pilot, we have used the single level tests to validate our APP judgements. These are now no longer being carried out so we need to look at how we moderate our judgements as a school and what evidence we need to keep. This is especiallyimportant for us as being a 10+ school means that we do not carry out the KS2 sats and so have no external evidence to prove that our judgements are accurate.

The final thing that I want to look at is how to use our lovely new net books for maths. We have 36 netbooks so the children can work individually in the classroom. I have lots of ideas for using them in English, History etc but it seems harder to use them usefully for maths. I would like to go further than just having the children play maths games but am not sure of what that would involve at the moment.

And then there are all the normal things to do such as lesson observations etc etc etc.


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

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