New interests

So the holidays are finally here and it’s raining which puts an end to most of the things that I had planned for today. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing on the internet. It’s all done in the name of work as I’ve mainly been searching or just looking out for new ideas to try in the class room. I have just discovered pinterest and it’s fantastic! I’ve always tried to keep a track of ideas that I find on the web but this seems the most useful. I love the way that it is a visual key to what is on the site rather than just a web address or a brief note on a post it. So far I have have 3 boards all of which are school related to a certain extent. The one that I’m most excited about though is the one that I have dedicated to ‘Foldables’.

My foldables board at pinterest

Foldables are my other amazing discovery so far this holiday. I have always enjoyed having my children make mini books to record things and they love it too. We have also used flaps to hide things behind in their work but I never imagined the amount of ideas that are out there in connection with this. It seems to be a big part of american teaching as there are entire sites and blog posts dedicated to folding and cutting paper in different ways to record or learn things. My pupils have always enjoyed making their mini books so I can see how they would really enjoy using fortune tellers to record fractions or make pull outs for the planets. The interactive element will hopefully add to their motivation and interest and then maybe lead to greater understanding.

At the moment, I’m planning to use a different type of foldable in each of my main subject areas. I don’t want them to become so routine that they become boring but I do want to try out different things and see what the effect is.

If anybody is interested in looking at the links that I have found so far then my boards are on pinterest under janetteww. If you google ‘foldables’ then there are sites and blogposts with all sorts of ideas and instructions. I’m really looking forward to sharing these ideas at school and trying thme out with my new class in September.