Another foldable!

I’m still in love with pinterest and am gradually working my way through the ideas that I have found on there. This was my maths lesson last Friday.

We all made the fortune tellers. That took some time and it’s possibly surprising how many year 5 children can’t fold a piece of paper in half accurately. Luckily several children already knew how to make them and they helped the others. They had a free choice of what to put on the outside and the ideas ranged from colours to TV characters. Inside, they had to put 8 multiplication fact questions with the correct answers under the flaps.

Making the fortune teller


Then came the fun part of going around the class and testing everyone else.  I was really pleased because the children were all motivated and kept on task throughout the whole lesson. Several children assured me that they were sure that they now knew the facts that they had recorded on their foldable.