Long time, no post.

My daughter semi grumbled at me yesterday that I hadn’t updated this blog in ages. That’s because it has been manically busy this term. I’m not sure why I seem to have less time than usual but there never seems to be enough time to sit down and write something that would at least be coherent if not interesting. The first day proper of the Christmas holidays seemed like a good time to put this right.

We are living in interesting times at school at the moment. After over 30 years of being a 10+ primary school where our children transfer to high school at the end of year 5, we are getting our year 6 back. I have now been confirmed as head of year 6 from September and so now it’s all systems go to get ready for our new year group.

It’s certainly exciting as we have nothing in place at the moment. We don’t even have classrooms as the new year group will be in modular classrooms on the playground. I have seen the plans for these and it looks as though I will have more space next year which will be lovely. Then all the furniture will need to be chosen and ordered as well as all the other stock. I can’t wait to buy the books for the new book corners. It will be so lovely as absolutely everything will be brand new.

The most daunting thing though is to set up the new curriculum. At the moment we,ve got some outline planning done for Science and History which I have got to turn into lesson plans at some point before September. Then all the resources will need sorting out! After that,  we will need to tackle all the other subjects. And that is on top of teaching my class and trying to work towards my Masters degree.

Definitely interesting times!!!!!!