Positivity !

We began the new term with an inset session from the Art of Being Brilliant. At least 10 schools were gathered together to share in an afternoon devoted to being positive and what this can bring to your lives and classrooms.

We watched this video and thought about what we could take from the attitudes displayed and use in our own schools and classes.



I love the way that they see a positive attitude as a choice. You can choose to moan about having to get up early each morning (and I do) or you can just get on with it and look for something positive.

I think that there are lot of things in that video that can be applied directly to classrooms. When they talked about ‘being there’ for their customers, it made me think about the times when I am not really there for my pupils. If they come to ask me something at break or lunch, I will always answer them but often I am not really giving them my full attention as I have marking or preparation. My resolution is to try and make sure that I am there for my children. That 2 minute question and answer might possibly be the only bit of my attention that they get in that day and they deserve that time.

Making things fun is an important part of motivating children. I don’t throw fish but I do sometimes toss exercise books around, occasionally with astounding accuracy!

I think that I am generally a fairly positive person but I wonder how much that comes across to my class. Is that how they see me or do they see a tired grouchy teacher who is never satisfied with their work?

So I will begin the new term tomorrow with a positive attitude and not moan about having to get up while it is still dark. I have an incredible amount to be positive about in my job and I will try to ensure that I communicate this to my pupils.


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

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