Little things


Today should have been a bad day. Mondays are never good for me. I begin the week with playground duty and then have to do KS2 assembly as well so it’s full on for the entire morning with no break at all. Then we generally have SLT meeting after school. And after that I have to mark all my books!!!!

However today felt like a good day. There was nothing special but lots of small things all added up to it being a good day.

Firstly, it was light when I left home this morning. Days are really getting longer now which always makes me feel better.
Secondly, I drove to school without having to stop at junctions or traffic lights. Door to door in the space of one pop song on the radio always cheers me up.
Thirdly, staff at school seemed genuinely pleased to be there. Minor gumblings about half term going too quickly but lots of positive smiles and talking about what we were teaching today.
Fourthly, the children were happy to be back at school. The good thing about playground duty is the smiles and greetings from the pupils as they come into school. I was shown various pairs of new shoes and admired a range of new hair cuts this morning. That day to day contact with pupils and the way that they love to come and tell you details of their lives is one of the special things about Primary teaching in my opinion.

The day seemed to speed by and it was a day that went smoothly with both me and my class in a relatively good mood. Finally, the day ended well as there was no SLT meeting:-)

So a good start to the half term which I hope will continue.



Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

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