Reading Something Different


So far, my aim of reviving a love of reading in my class has only been partially successful. My class are reading and many of them are reading a lot. This is linked to our whole school reading challenge where the children are awarded stars when they have read for a certain number of times at home. Many of my year 6 are keen to fill their reading card and eager to tell me that they have read at home. That’s great and it’s lovely to see so many parents supporting this challenge.

However, where I feel that I have been less successful is in what they are reading. We have tried to encourage them to read more widely but many of my class are still reading the same types of books as they have been all through last year. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, David Walliams and Tom Gates are by far the most common books being read by my pupils.

Getting them to challenge themselves to read something different is proving to be quite difficult. At least two thirds of them are very reluctant to try anything new and will often give up after only a few pages.

This month’s initiative is to get more of them to have a go at reading non fiction. This was inspired by a photograph of a display on Twitter although sadly, I can’t remember who posted it. I am grateful for the inspiration from whoever it was. I am showing the class and reading extracts from a range of non fiction books throughout this month in the hope of inspiring them to try something different

Next month, I am going to have a focus on picture books. Again, this has been inspired by Twitter as I saw a post by @readingrocks about a book Advent Calendar. My aim is to have a different picture book to read to them for every day that we are at school in December. I want to show them that new and different books can be just as enjoyable if not more so than their current favourites.