Flying without a parachute

This is just a quick update on my previous post as I know that there are people out there who are interested in how I am. Thank to everyone who has expressed concern and offered support. It does mean a lot.

It was really hard to decide whether to have chemotherapy treatment or not. I read every report I could and discussed it endlessly with my husband. In the end though, the decision seemed easy. The additional benefit that I might get from chemo is so small compared to the side effects of the treatment that it really seemed easy to choose in the end.  If I have chemo therapy, it will improve my chances of the cancer not recurring by 2% which is an incredibly small amount especially when you consider that there will still be 1 in 10 chance that it will come back. So we decided to do without it and made a promise to each other that if I am unlucky enough to have it come back, then we will take the view that it would have come back anyway.

The decision still felt slightly scary though and I had a constant feeling that I was being reckless with my health in not taking up the offer of chemo. I still do on some days. However, it has been lovely knowing that I am not going to have undergo the trials of chemotherapy. I feel completely well although the partial reconstruction that I currently have often feels quite sore. That is very minor compared to how I might be feeling though.

So I am now determined to live the rest of the year to its fullest potential. I have another show to do in November which I am looking forward to immensely as well as a half term holiday booked in Portugal. Plus, of course, the challenge of getting my new class through their Sats and ready for secondary school as well as hopefully having some fun along the way.

Now this blog will return to my usual intermittent postings on things that occur to me.  I am going to try and keep it going more regularly though.