A new year, a new journal

On Sunday this week, I randomly came across a post on my twitter feed that showed a picture of a bullet journal. I had never heard of them before but I’m always interested in journals that combine art and writing so I investigated. Several hours later, I had looked at Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and spent over £30 on a new journal, pens and some pretty washi tape (I’ve always wanted some but never knew what to use it for).

My new journal

Since my journal arrived on Monday, there seems to have been a real explosion of interest and a whole community is developing on Twitter with the hashtag #journalingteacher thanks to @CassHT and others. I guess that it’s partly because it’s a new year but there also seems to be a real desire and interest in creating something individual and artistic as well as keep a record of the year to come.

From reading articles and watching videos, there doesn’t seem to be any set idea about what a bullet journal is. It can be what you make it I think. Some seem to be mainly used as planners for work and home, others are trackers for emotions, exercise logs, diaries or a combination of all of them.

This seems to me to be a good year to begin a journal for two reasons:
The first is that it will be interesting to record how we move out of our current situation. The infection rate is dire at the moment but the vaccines are now here so hopefully, there will be an end to restrictions before too long.
The other is that this is the year that I retire. In July I will retire from teaching after 30 years and so a journal that can also be a planner seems like something that I might need come September. I’m not at all sure how I’m going to fill my time so having a planner may well come in useful

I’m looking forward to filling my pages with books, walks done and lots of lovely decoration and hopefully, at the end of December 2021 I will be able to look back on a healthy, happy year.