Six for Sunday

I have only just discovered this hashtag on Twitter. #sixforsunday is the brain child of Steph alittlebutalot (@eenalol ) and she has been giving out weekly prompts since 2017 on her blog This week’s theme is blue and green books so I went on a hunt.

One of my all time favourite series is the Valdemar series and this was the bluest of them.

Probably the greenest cover of any of my books. Daughter of the Empire is one of my favourite books ever as well as forming part of another series. Mara is one of the best female protagonists you could hope to meet.

IBack to blue and I was introduced to this one by my daughter. Definitely not your usual run of the mill school story.

Another introduction from my daughter. I read all five books in the Grishaverse over two weeks and am looking forward to moving onto the next one soon.

If you like dragons, then you have to read Anne McCaffery’s Pern books. Another all time favourite read.

I’ve been spending a lot more money on books during lock down due to the libraries being closed and picked this one up in Smiths. An interesting look at children dealing with older parents.

So that’s my six for Sunday. Thank you Steph for the prompt.