Characters who would make great Ship’s captains

It’s Sunday again and time for SixforSunday which is the brainchild of Steph a little but a lot (@eenalol). You can find out all about it here on her blog . Every week there is a new prompt and this week the idea is to think of fictional characters who would make great ship’s captains. Help!!!! I have actually laid awake this week trying to think of characters who would fit that criteria.

In the end I decided to look back at the books I have read so far this year and think of characters who were good at leading others. These are the books and characters I came up with.

My two main reading genres are fantasy and detective fiction. I decided that police inspectors would probably make very good ship’s captains so this list is split between characters in detective fiction and fantasy.

Nelson in Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway series would make a great captain.
As would Vera Stanhope although she might spend a lot of time in her cabin with a whisky bottle
Lady Hardcastle would be great at ordering people about and has travelled loads already.
Back to fantasy and Jael Furyck would make an amazing Ship’s captain.
Mal would be a terrific ship’s captain as he would never get lost and always get his ship home again.
My daughter recommended this to me and Eileen would definitely be a good ship’s captain even at the age of 79.

So that’s my 6 choices for this week. I thought it was a difficult challenge and am really looking forward to seeing what characters other people come up with.

Let me know if you agree with any of mine.


Fictional Islands

It’s Sunday again and time to choose six books on a theme chosen by @eenalol on her blog at Every week she sets a theme and if you want to find out more about it, visit her blog or look her up on Twitter. This month the themes are all based on the Viper books by Bex Hogan and this week’s is fictional islands that you would like to visit. Help!!!! There are many real islands that I would love to visit but thinking of six fictional ones seemed impossible. Very few books that I have read include islands let alone ones that I would like to visit. However, after a lot of thought and a bit of luck with library book, these are my choices.

I would love to visit any of the islands visited by The Dawn Treader
The Island of Roke where the school for wizards is.
The Isle of Avalon, the resting place of King Arthur.
I’m not sure I would want to live on Recluse but a visit would be fine.
The Once-City. A city built on a sea of grass.
Libraries are open again!!! I borrowed this yesterday. The description of the Greek island of Kyri sounds idyllic.

So that is my Six for Sunday, some very old and a couple quite new. I’m really looking forward to seeing what books other people choose. Let me know if you have read any of my choices and what you think.

Magical Books

Six for Sunday is the brainchild of Steph (@eenalol). See her website for the full details. I’m very late to the party but have really enjoyed creating my own lists according to her prompts.

This week’s prompt is Magical books which immediately means that there are way too many to choose from. I was brought up on a diet of fairy stories before moving onto Narnia and Lord of the Rings. Fantasy and books involving magic remain a huge love of mine. Just choosing 6 books about magic was definitely much harder than finding six books with snakes. Initially there was a common theme of a young boy discovering or coming into his power and female heroines seemed poorly represented but I think that’s because a lot of my original choices are quite old now. There are a lot more fantasy books with female leads now than there were 20 years ago so I had another look at my bookshelves and the list is now more balanced.

You can’t have a collection of magical books without including Merlin. This is his back story before King Arthur was even thought of.
The Magic’s Price trilogy were the first books I read by Mercedes Lackey and Vanyel remains my favourite character. This trilogy is quite dark and shows the danger of magic.
Possibly one of the best fantasy books ever written. It has elves, dragons, dwarves and other worlds. What’s not to love?
Love the magic system in this series and Vin is a terrific character.
I just love this Venetian based trilogy. Two great female protagonists and a brilliant story.
I couldn’t have a set of magical books that didn’t include one by LEModesit. A strong female mage in a world dominated by men.

So that’s my six magical books for Sunday. I can’t wait to see what choices other people make. Let me know what you think of the books I have chosen. Are any of them your favourites too?

My Bullet Journal Journey

I’ve kept my bullet journal for three months now, that’s a quarter of the year so it seemed like a good time for a review.

I have really enjoyed creating the pages for my journal. It’s been a lovely way to relax. I have also ended up spending a lot more time on social media as I have looked at examples of people’s journals on pinterest and google. None of my pages are breath taking or desperately original but they have given me pleasure both to create and to look at once they have all been completed.

I have also enjoyed the accountability that my journal has created. I’ve got a page each month to log the exercise that I take and on at least three occasions, I have gone out for a walk so that I didn’t have a blank space on my page. That however, didn’t stop the odd blank space in March due to 12 hour days in school.

My pages are a combination of drawing and washi tape. It would be easy to spend a fortune on reels of tape but I have contented myself with just a couple of sets from Amazon. They do add a dash of colour and detail to the pages and mean that I can create a pretty page even when I don’t have much time.

I’ve also chosen a different colour scheme for each month so that each one looks different. January was mainly blue and grey, February pink and purple, March was leaves and green and April is pastel colours.

These are some of my pages so far in my journal.

February pink hearts and skinny washi tape
Last weekly spread for February with mainly hand drawn pictures and just a bit of tape
March pages for exercise and the books I’ve read
March weekly spread with washi tape and hand drawn leaves
Title page for April with a hand painted wreath.
Exercise log for the 30 days of April. Hopefully no blank spaces this month
I couldn’t have a weekly spread spanning two months so this was the first page for April and then I will have double spreads for each week as usual.

So far my journal has been a record of what I have done, read, watched and listened to. I’ve also kept a note of Covid news as I feel it’s important to record it for myself. This year is going to be a year unlike any other as I retire and I’m looking forward to continuing to record it.

How do you use your journal? Let me know if you have a blog as I love to see what other people are doing.

Six for Sunday 2

The book challenge for this week on is for six books with snakes in the title or on the cover. This was a real challenge and I had to resort to google but I actually found 5 books that I had read and one that is currently on my TBR list. Thanks Steph for reminding me of my number one which is a book I love but haven’t read for ages.

I love this and it is definitely due a reread.
One of the all time great middle grade series.
I haven’t read this yet but is on my list. Loved the previous books.
The second book in another great series.
I really enjoyed this and her previous book, The miniaturist
I read this when it came out. Everyone seemed to love it but I didn’t really get on with it.

So that’s my Six for Sunday. How many snake books have you read? All the images are taken from Goodreads apart from my own copy of Dreamsnake.