Pride Month Recommendation

It’s Sunday again so it’s time for Six for Sunday. This is hosted by Steph on her blog at As June is Pride Month, it’s all about LGBTQIA books and characters this month. This week’s prompt is to recommend LGBTQIA books and as usual I have found the challenge quite tricky. In fact, this month, I’ve decided to only put one book in the post so it’s going to be just One for Sunday this week.

I know that the whole issue of sex and gender is a highly emotive one at the moment and I have thought carefully about this post as I really don’t want to offend or upset anyone.

Symptoms of Human by Jeff Garvin is one of my favourite LGBTQIA books this year and definitely a book that I would recommend to anyone. I hadn’t really thought about the issues of people who struggled with gender identity before and this book definitely gave me an insight into how difficult life would be for someone growing up and not identifying as either male or female. Gender is probably the first thing that we notice about someone when we first meet them and if you can’t fit people into one of those two groups, I imagine it could make you feel uncomfortable and especially for teens, create a barrier. People who don’t fit into established groups often end up being targets of bullying and this is what happens here.

I have read reviews from people who identify as nonbinary who have said that they really dislike the way Riley is depicted and that the book shouldn’t be recommended. However, I believe that Riley’s story has made me think more about this issue and therefore it might be the case for others as well. It isn’t presented as true so the fact that it isn’t a real experience doesn’t make it any less valid. I think that the story does increase empathy for nonbinary people and their situation and so that’s why it’s my choice this week.

What are your choices for this week’s prompt?


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

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