Stacking the Shelves 5

It’s time for another post about Stacking the shelves.  This is a meme hosted by Reading Reality and details can be found here The gorgeous graphic is also used courtesy of the site.

My stacking the shelves posts are all about the books that I get from my local library. Libraries are continually under threat of closure or reduced hours but they are such an important way of getting books into people’s hands that they need supporting. By highlighting the amazing books that I pick up every week, I hope to inspire maybe just one person to visit their library and borrow a book

I think that the glut of books that I really want to read and have used the reservation system for has more or less dried up for now so this week’s book haul is much more like my usual library book stack. There is only one book that I had ordered in advance and the others are just ones that appealed so it’s quite a random collection. One of the things that I love about libraries is that I can just pick up a book and if I don’t like it, or even can’t be bothered to read it, it’s no problem. I just return it and find something else. What better system can there be than that?

This week’s library stack

Body Breaker by MW Craven I have been waiting for this for what seems like ages. This is the second in a new crime series featuring DI Avison Fluke. I have loved all of M W Craven’s novels so far so I’m really looking forward to this one.

Daughters of Sparta by Claire Heywood Having just finished Ariadne last week, I thought that I would continue with the Ancient Greek theme.

Writers and Lovers by Lily King This was a total shot in the dark. The synopsis appealed to me about a woman who is having to start a new phase in her life and the choices she is going to have to make.

A vintage Summer by Cathy Bramley A very uncomplicated Chick Lit book for my final choice. I’m looking forward to just relaxing with for a couple of hours next week.

So that’s this week’s stack. Have you read any of them? What’s on your stack to read this week?


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

7 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves 5”

  1. A vintage Summer by Cathy Bramley looks so good to me. Also, I just want to say I love your banner with those cute little sheds. Or are they seaside cabins?

    1. Yes, they’re beach huts on the beach at Lowestoft in Suffolk where we went on holiday. I thought the colours were really pretty.

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