MG Takes on Thursday

This meme belongs to to Book Craic who hosts it on her blog . Each week the aim is to celebrate Middle Grade books, those amazing books being written for 9-12 year olds. The idea is that you choose a book, post a picture of the cover and also show the publisher and illustrator. Then turn to page 11 and find your favourite sentence on that page. After that, describe the book in three words ( I always find this really hard) and finally, write your review or post a link to your review of the book. Simples!!!!

This week I am celebrating a new release that I absolutely love.

The Wild Before by Piers Torday Published by Quercus

My favourite sentence from page 10 (page 11 is blank) He is the hare of all hope.

This book in three words Hope, Friendship, Determination

I have always loved dystopian fiction since reading Peter Dickinson as a child and The Last Wild trilogy is one of my favourite MG sets so when I saw that there was a prequel, I was really excited.

The Wild Before tells the story of Little Hare who has to go on a quest to save the pure white calf, Mooncalf. If he does not succeed in his quest, then The Terribleness will happen and the world will end. The adventure is exciting but also has some funny moments as Little Hare is not completely alone in his quest but gets help and encouragement along the way.

Piers Torday has created a very real world which is worryingly close to the world we are beginning to create for ourselves as we lose species and habitats on a daily basis. It’s a great adventure story despite the dark message and you really want Little Hare to succeed. The book looks gorgeous too with silhouette illustrations throughout.

The book is extremely topical as the animals deal with climate change and their world disappearing and many children will recognise those elements that are happening around us at the moment which adds another layer to the story.

The Wild Before leads beautifully into the original trilogy so will work perfectly for those who haven’t read it yet as well as being a great read for anyone who has already read the previous books.


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

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