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It’s Thursday and I don’t have any brilliant ideas for a blog post so I thought I would do a book tag. I felt I needed to post today to celebrate the fact that yesterday, over 30 people visited my tiny of the internet and read at least one of my blogs. That might not be a huge number to most of you but to me, it’s a record for my baby book blog.

To find a tag, I visited that oracle of all book tags Zezee who has compiled a huge list of tags. Have a look at the post, it’s an amazing list. As a lover of all things fantasy, I decided to do the Fantasy Reader tag. This was created by  which booktuber the Book Pusher adapted from Bree Hill’s Get to Know the Romance Reader Tag. Zezee’s own post is also here.

What is your fantasy origin story? How did you come to read your first fantasy novel?

9780140301328 - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Puffin Books) by C.  S. Lewis

Like many people around my age, my first memory of a fantasy story was having The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe read to me at school. I was 7 and can still remember parts of it really vividly. That led me to getting the rest of the series from the library and I was hooked on fantasy from then on.

If you could be the heroine in a fantasy novel, who would you want to write it and what’s one trope you would insist on being in the story?


I would want my story to be written by Australian author Jennifer Fallon. I love her writing and would adore being in one of her books. As for the trope, well obviously I would need to be the chosen one. We mostly lead fairly ordinary lives but don’t we all dream of being chosen to do something special one day?

What’s a fantasy that you’ve read this year that you want more people to read?

It’s only January so I’ve cheated a bit and gone back to the end of last year too. Raybearer and Mask of Mirrors are both great books but I haven’t seen them in any bookshops so a lot of people will not know anything about them.

What is your favourite fantasy sub genre and which sub genre have you not read much from?


I’ve never really thought much about sub genres but I guess my favourite would be Epic or Heroic fantasy. I love it when I get transported to a completely different world and get involved in the politics, battles and romances. Lord of the Rings set me up nicely for series such as Wheel of Time and A Game of Thrones as well as the examples I’ve mentioned already in this post.

I don’t read much magic realism or paranormal stuff. I prefer my fantasy to be completely removed from my real world. I did read Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo last year and enjoyed that but it’s not my preferred form of fantasy reading.

Who is one of your auto-buy fantasy authors?

This is so hard to answer. I don’t think I could say just one. Jennifer Fallon for certain, Mercedes Lackey and L E Modessit would all be authors that I would definitely buy whatever they published.

How do you typically find book recommendations?

Definitely through book blogs. I used to really struggle to find recommendations. If I didn’t see it on the shelf in a shop, then I didn’t really hear about it. The library sometimes has new fantasy authors but there doesn’t seem to be much demand for fantasy books in Leicestershire so they don’t put much money into buying stock. Discovering the world of Book blogging has been a revelation. I have discovered so many amazing books over the past 6 months that I would never have heard of otherwise. Thank to all the people who have written posts about fantasy books that I have gone to love.

What is an upcoming fantasy release that you are excited for?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 58340712.jpg

Definitely the Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham. I loved his series The Dagger and the Coin and this one sounds really interesting. It’s the story of a single city over a year with different stories all impacting upon one another.

What is one misconception about Fantasy that you would lay to rest?

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Lord of the Rings can lead people to believe that all fantasy is about elves, dwarves etc which can have a fairy tale aspect and lead people to dismiss fantasy as a bit childish. To be fair, they do appear in a lot of other popular series such as Shannara but Fantasy is so much more more than that. You can probably find a fantasy book to suit any reader. Joe Abercrombie is one of my favourite authors and definitely no elves here.

If someone had never read a fantasy book and asked you to recommend the first 3 books that came to mind as places to start, what would they be?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has to be a great place to start. If you don’t read that, then you can’t recognise the huge debt that so many other fantasy writers owe to Tolkein. It is a bit light on good female representation I admit but still a great story.

Six of Crows is just a such a brilliant cast of characters. There has to be someone in there that everyone can identify with.

Magician is one of the all time great fantasy stories. Yes, it has elves, dwarves and dragons so maybe reinforces stereotypes but it is just a great read.

Who is the most recent fantasy content creator you came across that you would like to give a shout out to?

Ummm. Sorry but I can’t answer this as I don’t really look at YouTube or TikTok so I haven’t come across anybody. Maybe that’s something that I need to look into. Does anyone have any recommendations of where I could start?

That’s my fantasy reading tag. Thank you for reading this so far. And thank you to Zezee for her brilliant list of tags.

Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

12 thoughts on “Get to know the Fantasy Reader Tag”

    1. The only Australian fantasy authors I have read are Glenda Larke and Jennifer Fallon but I really enjoyed their books. Thank you for visiting my blog

  1. I love your answers! It’s great to get to know you a little.
    Have added Jennifer Fallon to the list of authors I need to find out about.
    And thank you for the timely reminder that I really have go get a copy of A Mask or Mirrors. 😃

  2. Oh this is a fun tag! Fantasy is definitely my favourite genre to read so I will need to mark down the ones on this list that I haven’t read – especially Jennifer Fallon. I will say that if you go the YT or TikTok route watch your time!! It is so easy to get stuck in there. TikTok is great to get a quick snapshot of a lot of books though.

  3. What a fun tag. I don’t read much fantasy, but I’m almost done with the second Six of Crows book and I really love it.

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