Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 drinks for reading

Welcome to this week’s Top 5 Tuesday post. Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it is now being hosted at Meeghan reads!! For details of all of the prompts for April to June see Meeghans page here.

We’re moving away from last month’s scavenger hunts and now it’s May, the topics are all about our reading environments. This week’s is all about your favourite things to drink while you are reading.

Like snacking, my choice of drink will often depend on the season. My preferred drink on a cold winter evening when I’m curled up on the sofa is very different to what I want to drink when I’m sitting in the garden.

Probably my most common drink while I read is coffee. I love to read while I eat my lunch now that I’m retired and don’t have to spend my lunch times marking books so lunchtime reading is generally accompanied by a mug of coffee.

My other favourite hot drink while reading would be hot chocolate. That would ideally be in the late afternoon, just as it’s getting dark on a winter’s evening and maybe accompanied by a chocolate off the Christmas tree.

Winter is behind us now and so I’m in the mood for more summery drinks. Probably my favourite drink in the evening when I’m relaxing with a book would be a glass of cold, dry white wine.

If I don’t have any wine in the fridge, then a gin and tonic would be another good choice. I was given some lovely gin glasses as a retirement present last year so I often use them if I have a drink in the evening.

I am conscious that I shouldn’t drink too much alcohol though so I am just as likely to have the tonic without the gin. There are some lovely flavoured tonics out there and they all have that slightly bitter kick to them which I love.

What do you like to drink while you read?

Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 drinks for reading”

  1. I love the addition of alcohol to your list ā€” sometimes in summer you just need a refreshing accompaniment!! Hope you had fun with this week’s topic šŸ’•

  2. Coffee and Water for me. I don’t drink much of anything else. I love those gin and tonic glasses!!

  3. Great answers! I’m a strictly tea drinker when it comes to reading and always make sure it’s faaarr away from the book because I’m quite clumsy haha.

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