Sundays in bed with …..The Dead of Winter

Sundays in bed with is a meme hosted by Midnight Book Girl but I came across it recently on Jill’s Book Blog. It is simply a chance to share the book that is by your bed at the moment (or that you wish was by your bed). This week the book by my bed (or on the sofa) is The Dead of Winter by Nicola Upson.

Blurb from the book:
Writer Josephine Tey and Detective Chief Inspector Archie Penrose gather with their friends for a Cornish Christmas but two strange and brutal deaths on St Michael’s Mount – and the unexpected arrival of a world-famous film star in need of sanctuary – interrupt the festivities. Cut off by the sea and the relentless blizzard, can Josephine and Archie prevent the murderer from striking again?

This is probably the least appropriate book to be reading just as we celebrate Midsummer as it takes place at Christmas 1938 with violent snow storms forming part of the plot. I do love this series by Nicola Upson though and so far, this is just as good as the books I have read previously.

I do sometimes wonder if Blurb writers have actually read the book. The arrival of the film star isn’t unexpected at all but is the whole reason why Penrose is on St Michael’s Mount for Christmas. It’s only a small detail but it is important and I really feel that blurbs should be accurate.

What are you reading this Sunday?


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

6 thoughts on “Sundays in bed with …..The Dead of Winter”

  1. AHHHH this book looks amazing AND I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE ENJOYING IT!! The cover looks SO GOOD TOO 👀
    Ikrr?? It’s annoying when blurbs and the book follow two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORIES 😭😭

  2. I wonder about blurb writers sometimes too! Nice to know you’re enjoying it. I’m reading The Best is Yet to Come by Debbie Macomber

  3. It’s so hot here that a book set in the winter would be nice. I just finished This Vicious Grace this morning and it was very good. Happy reading!

    1. I’m not sure if that sounds like fun or not. My daughter does d and d and has just started running a game in Kansas City but I’ve never tried it

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