Six in Six – July 2022

I’ve seen a few six in six posts recently and loved the idea of looking back at some of the brilliant (or less brilliant) books that I’ve read this year. The meme is the brainchild of Jo at Book Jotter and it has been going for 10 years now. The idea is that you find 6 books that fit a particular category and hopefully can complete six categories making six in six!! Jo has loads of category ideas in her 2022 post here

I actually made notes for this post as we flew out to America at the end of June and I had 8 hours of sitting with nowhere to go. However since then, my ideas have been sitting in my notebook doing nothing. Today though, I have finally got round to actually writing my Six in Six post.

Lets start with the good stuff –

Six 5 Star Reads ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

And then the less good

Six Books that disappointed

I read so many mysteries and thrillers that the next category was an easy pick. Most of them are by authors new to me as well which is brilliant as I love discovering new mystery writers.

Six Mysteries not by Agatha Christie

One of my reading targets this year was to read more non fiction and so far I’m averaging a non fiction book per month which is much more than I normally read. I’ve enjoyed all of these.

It’s been lovely being able to travel freely this year. So far, we’ve visited Italy and the USA with hopefully a visit to France in the Autumn so this next category felt really appropriate.

Six Trips to Europe

And my final category is celebrating some of the amazing authors that I have only discovered this year.

Six New to me Authors

Ashley Weaver
Ryan Cahill
Robin Blake
Emily Henry
J D Robb
Fonda Lee

So that’s my first six in six post. Would any of my categories or books feature in your post?

Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

8 thoughts on “Six in Six – July 2022”

  1. Thank you very much for joining in. It is always good to see different books but also some that always feature like The Appeal.

  2. I love taking part in Six in Six every year and seeing what categories and books everyone else chooses! Sadly, I haven’t read enough non-fiction this year to fill a whole category, although I do like the sound of The White Ship and I’ve enjoyed some of Claire Tomalin’s other biographies as well.

  3. I enjoy this meme. Love your categories and selections ❤️. I saved the original post to remind me to give it a try once I stop hyperventilating from taking on too many books this summer. Excellent post!

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