WWW Wednesday September 21

It’s Wednesday again and it’s a been a strange week in which we had an unexpected bank holiday because of the Queen’s funeral. I certainly didn’t intend to spend most of the day glued to the television but that’s how it ended up. It was definitely a historic occasion and one that I’m glad I spent the time watching.

It’s also the Autumn Equinox today – day and night are equal length which means that from today, there will be more darkness than light. It’s all downhill now as we head into colder days.

However Wednesday also means that it’s time for WWW Wednesday. This is one of my favourite memes and I love taking part in it and reading everybody else’s posts. It’s currently hosted by Sam and it can be found on her blog Taking on a world of words which can be found here.

The idea of WWW Wednesday is just to answer three simple questions about what you are reading, have just finished and are about to read so here goes for this week.

What I’m currently reading

The Whalebone Theatre by Joanna Quinn

I’ve only just started this and am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. The style of writing feels quite detached so the empathy with the characters isn’t really there yet.

What I have recently finished reading

Act of Oblivion by Robert Harris

I really enjoyed this. It’s Harris’s version of the true story of two Colonels in Cromwell’s army, William Goff and Edward Whalley. Both men signed the death warrant of Charles I and were the subject of a manhunt after the restoration. The book details their life in the newly settled American colony and the hunt for them. I loved the descriptions of the American landscape and the sheer size and emptiness of the country. I can’t begin to imagine how the two men coped with having to live in hiding for so many years. Definitely a great read for anyone who is interested in that period of history or just enjoys a good story.

A Spoonful of Murder by J M Hall

I thought that this would be a cosy crime story in the same style as Richard Osman but it felt a lot more serious. It still fits the cosy crime genre with a group of 3 retired teachers starting to investigate the unexpected death of an ex-colleague. However the tone is more sombre than in some books with all three of the protagonists having problems that they are having to deal with at the same time. One of these is fairly obvious but another one came as a total surprise. I really enjoyed it and the depiction of the three 60 year old women. Maybe because they felt very like me??????

The Death of Lucy Kyte by Nicola Upson

I think I’ve now caught up with all the books in this historical crime series featuring the author Josephine Tey. This one was set in 1936 around the time of King Edward’s abdication but was mainly about life in a small Suffolk village where Josephine Tey has inherited a cottage. She learns about the local murder which happened many years before but still casts a shadow over the village.

I love the way that real history is intertwined with the fiction in this book but what I love especially is the detail in the writing. The mysteries are quite slow paced because you become immersed in life as it was lived then, It’s something that this series has in common with Act of Oblivion. The detail isn’t boring at all, it just makes the characters and the world around them more real.

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix

This was a very different book to Sabriel. It was set in the 1980’s, a time that is just slightly different to the 80s that I actually lived through. It’s more of an urban fantasy and reminded me of the Rivers of London series in the way that the author included mythical powers of Old England. It was a fun read.

What I am intending to read next

This is one of my ARCs waiting on my Net Galley shelf and will probably be the next book I read. It does depend what mood I’m in though πŸ˜ƒ

That’s the current state of my reading this week. What does your WWW Wednesday look like?


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

9 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday September 21”

  1. I only watched the highlights of the funeral, but being on the west coast of US, most of it was done before I got up and got going. So many good books here. I hope The Whalebone Theatre gets better for you.

  2. I was glued to the TV too. My 4 year old was not impressed! I didn’t realise it was the Equinox today. It is sunny here, but there is a definite chill in the air – finally!!

    All those books look good. I thought that the Spoonful of Murder would be a light, Richard Osman type read too! I would like to read it at some point, but my Autumn TBR list is very full.

    Have a good week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    WWW Wednesday – Currently Reading, Finished Reading, Reading Next

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