Bookish Smash or Pass – Book Tag

I haven’t done a book tag for a while so when the lovely Becky at Becky’s Book Blog tagged me in the Smash or Pass tag, it felt like perfect timing. I’ve also stolen the image from Becky’s original post too

Becky decided to create this Book Tag after seeing something similar making it’s way around BookTok. You can find her original post here. There are no rules for this tag, just have some fun with it, and please link back to Becky or whoever tagged you, or the blog you originally saw the tag on if you decide to take part!

Not being on TikTok at all, I had never heard of Smash or Pass but it seems fairly straightforward so here goes.

Bookish Tropes

Smash or at least mostly. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles but I love found families and reluctant heroes. It mainly comes down to how well the trope is treated though.

Alternating POV

Smash I really love the way that you can get different characters’ perspectives on what is happening. Some fantasy books can take this to extremes though and the sheer volume of points of view just gets confusing.

Ambiguous Endings

Smash It’s nice when authors leave things to the reader’s imagination. Also I don’t like my books to be too sugary so I actually like a bit of ambiguity in the ending of romance books sometimes.


Smash again I do enjoy non fiction every so often as a change. This year I have achieved my aim of reading 12 non fiction books.

Historical Setting

Smash!!! I love historical fiction. I think it dates back to all those Ladybird books I read as a child. Georgette Heyer remains one of my favourite authors and I also love historical crime fiction such as C J Sansom’s Shardlake novels.

Morally Grey Characters

Smash This is obviously a smash as they are the really interesting characters aren’t they? They’re also often the ones that can add a bit of light relief when things sometimes get a bit serious. This is maybe getting a bit boring but there are a couple of passes coming up. 😃

First Person POV

Smash I think that I prefer third person as only seeing the story out of the eyes of one character can be a bit limiting. It can work brilliantly though especially if you have an unreliable narrator. The Black Dress by Deborah Moggach was a good example for me of this.


Pass Just to break things up a bit. They take so long!! I prefer to listen to music when I’m travelling and so it’s much easier just to pick up a book rather than listen to it. I do sometimes if I’m missing out when people mention brilliant narrators but I’ll stick to reading for now.


Smash This is a huge smash. I’m a huge fan of rereading especially of fantasy books. I love to revisit worlds and characters again. Sometimes if I’m really tired, it’s just so nice to curl with a book that you know really well.

Classic Novels

Smash I love classics such as The Picture of Dorian Grey and Jane Austen’s novels. Reading more classic literature is going to be my main reading challenge for 2023.


Pass No, no, no!! The last book I annotated was Hamlet when I was doing my A levels. I can see why people feel the need but it’s not for me.

Cracking Book Spines

Pass Again, no, no, no. I do try to be careful with my books and never leave them open face down. However, my books are there to be read and sometimes they do end up getting a bit creased around the spine and corners. That’s just life.


Pass Maybe it’s my age but I don’t like books to get too steamy. Too much detail in bedroom scenes just makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Character Driven Books

Smash!!! Everytime!! I am far more interested in characters than plot. The plot can be a bit rubbish but if the characters are interesting with good relationships, then I will still enjoy the book.

Past/Present Timeline

Smash Some of my favourite historical novels have had a dual timeline. The most recent one was The Mapmaker’s Daughter by Clare Marchant.

Heavy World Building

Smash I love fantasy and Science Fiction novels and one of the things I really love is the worlds that the authors create. I am in awe of authors who can transport me to a completely imaginary place. I have spent so many happy hours on the planet of Pern, in Valdemar and on the continent of Eruvia to name only a few.

And that’s my Smash or Pass book tag completed. Thank you so much to Becky for tagging me. Why not visit her blog to read the original tag post and then have a go yourself?


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

6 thoughts on “Bookish Smash or Pass – Book Tag”

  1. Such a fun tag, and I enjoyed reading your responses! I agree on some of these, though I do adore audiobooks for when I’m driving or doing chores around the house!

    1. I generally prefer to listen to music for things like that. I just like something in the background rather than having to focus on what I’m listening to

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