WWW Wednesday January 11

It’s Wednesday and that means that it’s time for WWW Wednesday. This is one of my favourite memes and I love taking part in it and reading everybody else’s posts. It’s currently hosted by Sam and it can be found on her blog Taking on a world of words which can be found here.

The idea of WWW Wednesday is just to answer three simple questions about what you are reading, have just finished and are about to read so here goes for this week.

It’s been a bit of a strange week as the library was closed unexpectedly on Friday and hasn’t reopened yet. I think somebody broke the door! That means that I’ve not had my usual library books to read so have been reading ARC’s and my own TBR backlog.

What I’m currently reading

Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee
This is the final book in the Green Bone trilogy and I’m really enjoying it. It’s basically an old fashioned family saga like Poldark but set in a fantasy world. It’s fascinating to see how the characters are growing up and dealing with the changes in their society.

What I have recently finished reading

Told from the point of view of Amara, a slave in a brothel in Pompeii, this is a brilliant story of life in Ancient Italy. It’s a story of friendship and survival and was a brilliant read. l’ve already ordered the next one from the library. This will also be the first book in the When are you reading? challenge which Sam is hosting again this year.

This is my first non-fiction read for 2023 and it’s a fascinating if slightly depressing account of how our increasing use of artificial light at night is affecting all aspects of the natural world including us. My review is here

The Immortality Thief by Taran Hunt
This was a brilliant space opera recommended by Imyril at There’s always Room for One More. Abandoned spaces ships, enemies to friends and centuries old secrets all combined into a great story.

This was a semi-autobiographical novel about Ray, a young black violinist who discovers that his battered old violin is actually a Stradivarius. It’s a brilliant story about his struggles against the racism that exists in the classical music world as well as his battle to keep his violin.

The Best Days of our Lives by Lucy Diamond
I love Lucy Diamond and I really enjoyed this one. It’s a bit different to her normal romances though as it’s really the story of how the different members of a family cope with the grief of losing a family member. There is definitely romance, more than one, but it takes second place to the main theme.

Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson
A young woman in San Francisco realises that her dream job in publishing might not be her dream job after all. This is another book that I expected to be a romance but was actually a lot more than that. This is Nora’s journey through coping with her depression and finding out that her life does have a point. Again, there is romance which I really enjoyed but Nora’s story is the main theme of the book.

What I am intending to read next

This is the last of my possible reads from last week or I might take the plunge and begin my reread of The Great Hunt, the second book in the Wheel of Time series.

What are you reading this week?


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Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

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