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It’s Tuesday which is always a good time to do a book tag. There seem to be quite a few going round at the moment but I was tagged to do this one by Chris at Biblio Nerd Reflections so here we go. Chris’s answers to the tag are here so why not pay him a visit too.

The Rules

  • Link back to the original creator: Madame Writer
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  • Answer all prompts.
  • Add one more prompt of your own.
  • Tag at least five people.
  • Don’t lie!
  • Have fun.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Read a later book in a series before the first

I’m definitely guilty of this one. Partly it’s because I get a lot of my books from the library and I don’t always realise that a book is part of a series. The main one I remember is David Eddings The Belgariad. I read Queen of Sorcery first and it was several years before I got round to reading Pawn of Prophecy which was the first book of the series.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Burned a book

What????? I mean, why would you? I don’t like getting rid of books at all but could never burn one.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Gone into a shop to buy one book and come out with many more…

I wouldn’t think that there are many book bloggers who aren’t guilty of this one. I definitely remember buying an armful of books the first time I went into a bookshop after the first lockdown. It was so nice to just be able to pick up and choose an actual book again.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Loved a book when I was younger and hated it when I was older

I really can’t think of anything that fits this prompt. I have reread several books from my childhood and still loved them. I’ve shared a lot of them with my own children too

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Read a book I knew I’d hate

No. I definitely haven’t unless you count Insurance text books when I was studying for a qualification. The books were a great cure for insomnia and rather than force myself to read them, I gave up doing the qualification instead. Life’s too short to read books you don’t like.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Wrote a fanfiction about my favorite book

Definitely not. I used to write a lot when I was much younger but I never actually wrote fanfiction. I’m not sure it actually existed 30 years ago.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Dressed up as my favorite literary characters

I’m a primary school teacher and we have World Book Day every year so I have obviously done this one more times than I care to remember. My favourites were The Grand High Witch (I just loved doing the voice)or The White Witch of Narnia because I had a lovely white fake fur jacket.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Hated a book by an author I love

Hated? Probably not but Master of Furies by Raymond Feist might come close as that really annoyed me. Another one would be The Younger Gods by David Eddings where the characters pretty much woke up to find it was all a dream!!! I was so cross when I read that ending.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Skim read a book

Guilty as charged. I often do it if a book is a bit dull but I want to find out how it all ends. Sometimes though, I do it if I really love a book because I’m desperate to find out how it turns out and then I’ll go back and read it properly. I know, it’s a shocking thing to do.😳😳

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Pretended to read a book when I haven’t

I can’t think of any time when I would have done this so no, I never, ever have.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Read a book without a dust cover

I’m quite happy reading books with dust covers on. They make really convenient bookmarks after all.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Had a book boyfriend/girlfriend

Nope, can’t say that I have.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Picked up a book based on the cover alone

All the time. I love a gorgeous cover. The beauty of having a good library is that I can pick up books that attract me without worrying about wasting my money. I do generally read the blurb as well though so there aren’t many times when I’ve walked off with a book solely based on the cover.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Read the end of a book before the beginning

Done this. I stood in Waterstones and read the last couple of pages of Volume 10 of The Wheel of Time series when it was first published. When I realised that it wasn’t the end, I put it back on the shelf and didn’t bother. I still haven’t got round to finishing the series

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Read a history or anthropology book for fun

Lots of times. I love historical fiction but will often read a non fiction book to learn more about a period that a story is set in.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Participated in a readathon

I’ve never taken part in any sort of readathon. I’ve done a couple of read alongs but that’s it.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Bought multiple books in a series before starting it

I don’t think I’ve done this. I’ve often read the first volume of a series from the library before I go out and buy the rest. I can’t think of a time when I’ve bought a series without having read at least one of them.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Filled up an entire bookshelf and had to have stacks of books balanced precariously throughout various rooms

Of course not!!!!

Up until this time last year, I had books everywhere, stashed in corners, under chairs and behind curtains. Then we created our book room and they all got tidied away.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Hurt a book (e.g. accidentally spilled ice cream or coffee on it, dog-eared a book, etc.) 

I owned up to dripping juice from a strawberry onto a library book in the last tag that I did so yes, accidents do happen but I do try to be careful. I certainly don’t dog-ear the pages though.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Loved the movie/tv series more than the book??

Generally, the book will always win but I do think that I preferred the TV series of The Witcher to the books.

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Re-read a book I didn’t enjoy hoping that the “second time’s a charm”

I think I’ve done this with a couple of classics. I’ve been rereading Dickens at the incredible rate of one a year and I do think that I have enjoyed them more now than when I first read them.


I wouldn’t do this buI’ve had very few physical ARCs so that generally wouldn’t be feasible. I have had a few physical Middle Grade ARCs and I did take them into my classroom for my pupils to read. When I said I was doing this to one of the publishers, they promptly sent me another copy which I thought was lovely.

My Prompt (although this tag is probably already long enough!!!)
NEVER HAVE I EVER: Bought another copy of a book I already own

We have three copies of Lord of the Rings between us and I have two copies of Magician by Raymond Feist. I have been known to buy new copies of books so that they match on the shelves too.


Author: Janette

Recently retired Ex-Assistant Head of a large primary school in Leicestershire although I seem to be in school teaching quite a bit still.

11 thoughts on “The Never Have I ever Book Tag”

  1. Laughed out loud at your Wheel of Time story!
    And I love that so many of us read the last page to check that our fictional darlings survive/are OK! 💖

  2. I love your answers, Janette. We had similar answers to many of these prompts. I guess retired teachers think quite similar things about books and reading. So, your question. I often bought new copies of books that I had in my classroom library as the favourites often fell apart. I have mistakenly bought a second copy of a book where the covers were different and I didn’t realize it was the same book, or sometimes, I just didn’t realize I already had a copy. 😁❤📚

  3. I always love reading this tag and seeing I’m not the only one with questionable reading habits! 🤣 I’m definitely guilty of a lot of these and was very relieved to read your logic about getting library books and reading them before realizing they’re part of a series – people called me out on that so much when I did this tag quite some time ago, but it’s so true!

    Your literary costumes also sound really cool! Just curious – did you do the Grand High Witch with or without her mask? Because the latter sounds decidedly creepy… I would have loved to be one of your students on World Book Day, though; my elementary school never had any event like that.

    Also, I feel a lot less guilty for reading books I know I’ll hate when I can at least say I’ve never skim read a non-textbook or skipped ahead to the ending. That has got to count for something, right? 😂

    1. I skim read all the while if I get a bit bored. I’m too lazy to spend the effort on books I don’t like so yes, it definitely counts for something😃
      I never wore a mask for the Grand High Witch. I just wore a 1950’s style dress, a hat and gloves all day. The hardest part was keeping the accent up all the time. It’s really hard work on the voice.

  4. Great answers! I’m glad you decided to do it. I love the prompt you added too. I also often buy extra copies if I need to make everything match. Lol. Recently, I’ve also accidently bought some books that later also came in a book box.

      1. And now it’s even longer😀 It’s an interesting idea though as there will be several different versions of the tag with only the original questions in common

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