Blogtober – Bullet Journal

Day 4

A new month means that it’s time for a new theme for my bullet journal. I’ve kept this for nearly two years now. I started it in Jan 2021 when we in lockdown due to Covid and I knew that I was going to retire that Summer. I kept it as a record of how my life changed over that 12 months but the habit has stuck.

I like the arty side of thinking of a theme for the month and designing my pages. They tend to be very simple with copious use of washi tape for weeks when I don’t have much time. If I have lots of time or I’m organised then I will draw or paint to decorate my pages. I’ve done all sorts of different pages over the past 20 months; activity logs for things I’ve done, mood trackers etc but now I’ve just settled on a few pages every month.

Every month begins with title page

I track my daily steps as I’m supposed to do quite a bit of walking/exercise to counter incipient osteoporosis

I record all the books I read!!!
A weekly spread for a short diary entry

As you can see, this month’s theme is Autumn leaves- I never claimed to be particularly original. My weekly spread might include diary entries or it might simply be a list of things to do on given day – I like lists!!!

I like my book double page spread. All I do is list the title and author of every book I read and my star rating. It’s quite nice just to flick back and look at what I read in a particular month and it’s a very quick check if I can’t remember the name of an author sometimes.

I did start off this year by keeping more of a book journal with cover pictures and short reviews but that only lasted about two weeks before I was hopelessly behind so I reverted to just keeping a list.

July’s cactus themed book page

The last page of every month is a photo page of things we’ve done during the month.

I love being able to flick back through my journal and look at the entries and the photos. It’s a nice low key way of keeping a record of what’s going on in my life.


Bullet Journal – Cats in June

A friend of mine suggested that I needed to do a cat theme for my bullet journal and as I felt it was time to try something different, I thought about how I could do it. First I needed to practise drawing cats. A quick look on google revealed lots of help for this . A search for cat doodles came up with lots of ideas with one of the best being a blog post by Sweet Planit which you can find here There were also ideas on Instagram from @doodlingashley and @impawfectdoodles. I also decided to cheat a bit and see if there were any cat washi tapes out there. Of course there are! I do try not to use Amazon too much but sometimes it’s just too easy. Once I had my doodles and my cat stickers, I was ready to go.

My set up pages were the same as usual with pages for exercise, books and the other stuff I might do. I mainly used the stickers for the first pages partly because they were quite cute but also I have been really pushed for time this month. June was also a funny month as it started and is going to end mid week so that means two part spreads . If only all months were as well organised as February!

I really liked this idea for a cat based weekly spread. I shamelessly copied it from @doodlingashley on Instagram. It was quick to do as well.

The first full week was where I used my expertise in doodling cats!
I decided to give the cats a bit of a rest and had a fishy week instead. There is a sort of theme there.
Back to cats for the last full week of June with a mixture of doodles and stickers.
A final part spread to finish the month

The cat theme was fun and I enjoyed practising how to draw cartoon cats. I’m already planning what is going to be on my July pages.

May Bullet Journal Spreads

It’s nearly the end of May and time for a my bullet journal round up as I’ve just finished the final weekly spread for this month. The end of this month has been really busy so one or two weekly spreads have had a bit less time spent on them than some other weeks.

I have tried to keep to a theme or a colour scheme so that each month looks a bit different. This month is flowers and the title page above was inspired by @paperwand in a video I watched as part of sketchbook revival this year.

My monthly set up was exactly the same as the previous few months. I probably need to think about changing it a bit but I like how it looks and the pages work for me. I have my exercise log, my record of what I listen to, watch etc and my record of books that I have read.

We were spoilt by February this year which began on a Monday and ended exactly four weeks later. Each month since then has the dilemma of where do you put the odd days or do you have weeks that begin on other days of the week besides Monday? I decided to begin with a single page spread for the first few days of the month and then squeeze the last 8 days onto one double page. That kept things nice and neat as I’m not sure my brain could have coped with weeks beginning on a Tuesday.

This was just flower doodles in black pen and then coloured in. The lines are skinny washi tape.
This was a busy week and I have this lovely washi tape which is flowers on a strip. I used a continuous length down the side of each page and single flowers on the opposite side of the page. I quite liked how it looks.
I had more time this week so I drew some of my favourite Spring flowers and then painted them using watercolours. I really enjoyed creating this week’s pages.
I was inspired to do this one by a post on twitter from @misspaul20. The circles took quite a while to draw but doing the leaves around them was a lovely, peaceful way to spend a while. I didn’t do them all at once though.
Another busy week so this final spread just uses washi tape days which I have used before. They are from the same set as the flowers that I used earlier in the month. Then I just doodled some simple flowers to divide the days up.

And that’s my journal pages all done and just waiting to be completed now. Now it’s time to start thinking about June. I already have a theme in mind so we’ll see how it works out.

Love your Library

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

One of the worst things about both the full lockdowns was not being able to go to my local library. I have always read a lot since being a young child and the weekly visit to the library has always been part of my life. I really missed being to go and choose different books every week. It was also very expensive because I had to buy all the books that I wanted to read. As I really didn’t want to spend a fortune, that also meant that I spent a lot of last Spring and Summer rereading books that I already owned.

But now libraries are back open again and, even better, mine is full of brand new books. I spent a blissful half hour last Friday browsing and choosing books. I came out with 8 books, most of which were brand new and it didn’t cost me a penny.

I was really pleased to find the bottom two on this pile as I’ve been wanting to read both of them.

The best thing about getting your books from the library is that you can take chances. You can pick up a book just because you like the cover and if you don’t like it, then you just take it back. Or pick a book because it sounds interesting but then you just don’t fancy reading it. That’s OK too. You can just return it unread.

A couple of real unknowns in this pile as well as The Kiss Quotient which I know my daughter really loved.

Library services are continually being cut. My library is still operating but the hours are hugely reduced from what they were years ago. However, libraries are still there and still providing an amazing service. If more people use them, then councils will have a harder time justifying closing them.

Please use your library if you have one. Go and borrow books that you might not like or by authors you have never heard of. Keep the service going because public libraries really are too important to lose.

April Bullet Journal

April is now over so I thought I would share my bullet journal pages for the month gone by. Ideally, I should get the whole month’s pages ready in advance so that I could share them before the month is over but that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. The cover page was inspired by a video session on painting wreaths by Sarah Simon as part of this year’s sketchbook revival.

After having a theme of green leaves for March, I decided for a complete change in April and so just went for a pastel coloured theme inspired by all things Easter. I have a lovely collection of pastel washi tapes as well as some lovely pastel highlighters so it seemed like a good idea to use them.

My first three pages always seem to be the same now. I begin with a page for logging my exercise which definitely does help to make me go out and walk those steps. I hate leaving blank spaces even if I’m the only one who sees them. Then I have my book page where I record the books I read. This started off as part of a page but that wasn’t nearly enough room. Finally I have my activity page where I put my music, art etc. The format of these pages stays the same and it’s just the decoration and colour scheme that changes. Maybe I need to be more adventurous with this part of my journal.

Exercise Log
Reading Log

I do try to make each weekly spread different. I tend to alternate between having rows that go right across the page and blocks where I have two columns on each page. I think that generally I prefer the rows so might just stick to that at some point.

The first weekend of April
Pastel colours and a rainbow. Lots of washi tape on this page.
The butterfly theme was inspired by a post that I saw on Instagram. Mainly all hand drawn with just a tiny bit of washi tape in the bottom corner
Hanging out the bunting ready for the Bank Holiday. The colours are a bit dark as you can’t really read the days of the week. I still like the design though. Skinny washi tape is great for outlining boxes.

I’m still loving my bullet journal journey. Creating the pages and looking at other people’s examples is a lovely relaxing way to spend a few quiet minutes every week end. And because the pages are pretty, there is a real incentive to complete something every day.

My Bullet Journal Journey

I’ve kept my bullet journal for three months now, that’s a quarter of the year so it seemed like a good time for a review.

I have really enjoyed creating the pages for my journal. It’s been a lovely way to relax. I have also ended up spending a lot more time on social media as I have looked at examples of people’s journals on pinterest and google. None of my pages are breath taking or desperately original but they have given me pleasure both to create and to look at once they have all been completed.

I have also enjoyed the accountability that my journal has created. I’ve got a page each month to log the exercise that I take and on at least three occasions, I have gone out for a walk so that I didn’t have a blank space on my page. That however, didn’t stop the odd blank space in March due to 12 hour days in school.

My pages are a combination of drawing and washi tape. It would be easy to spend a fortune on reels of tape but I have contented myself with just a couple of sets from Amazon. They do add a dash of colour and detail to the pages and mean that I can create a pretty page even when I don’t have much time.

I’ve also chosen a different colour scheme for each month so that each one looks different. January was mainly blue and grey, February pink and purple, March was leaves and green and April is pastel colours.

These are some of my pages so far in my journal.

February pink hearts and skinny washi tape
Last weekly spread for February with mainly hand drawn pictures and just a bit of tape
March pages for exercise and the books I’ve read
March weekly spread with washi tape and hand drawn leaves
Title page for April with a hand painted wreath.
Exercise log for the 30 days of April. Hopefully no blank spaces this month
I couldn’t have a weekly spread spanning two months so this was the first page for April and then I will have double spreads for each week as usual.

So far my journal has been a record of what I have done, read, watched and listened to. I’ve also kept a note of Covid news as I feel it’s important to record it for myself. This year is going to be a year unlike any other as I retire and I’m looking forward to continuing to record it.

How do you use your journal? Let me know if you have a blog as I love to see what other people are doing.

A new year, a new journal

On Sunday this week, I randomly came across a post on my twitter feed that showed a picture of a bullet journal. I had never heard of them before but I’m always interested in journals that combine art and writing so I investigated. Several hours later, I had looked at Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and spent over £30 on a new journal, pens and some pretty washi tape (I’ve always wanted some but never knew what to use it for).

My new journal

Since my journal arrived on Monday, there seems to have been a real explosion of interest and a whole community is developing on Twitter with the hashtag #journalingteacher thanks to @CassHT and others. I guess that it’s partly because it’s a new year but there also seems to be a real desire and interest in creating something individual and artistic as well as keep a record of the year to come.

From reading articles and watching videos, there doesn’t seem to be any set idea about what a bullet journal is. It can be what you make it I think. Some seem to be mainly used as planners for work and home, others are trackers for emotions, exercise logs, diaries or a combination of all of them.

This seems to me to be a good year to begin a journal for two reasons:
The first is that it will be interesting to record how we move out of our current situation. The infection rate is dire at the moment but the vaccines are now here so hopefully, there will be an end to restrictions before too long.
The other is that this is the year that I retire. In July I will retire from teaching after 30 years and so a journal that can also be a planner seems like something that I might need come September. I’m not at all sure how I’m going to fill my time so having a planner may well come in useful

I’m looking forward to filling my pages with books, walks done and lots of lovely decoration and hopefully, at the end of December 2021 I will be able to look back on a healthy, happy year.