My Christmas Reads Wrap-Up

I don’t usually read many Christmas books but this year, for some reason I seem to read have loads. It’s mostly down to social media and seeing books recommended on blogs or Instagram as well as the library having much more of a Festive feature than they have in previous years.

Library Christmas Book Display

I think I’ve probably read as many as I’m going to for this year so it seemed like a good time to do a mini wrap up/review post of the ones I’ve read.

Twelve Days to Save Christmas by Elizabeth Neep
This was the first Christmas book I read in 2021 during a gloriously sunny weekend way back in September. It was a Net Galley ARC but is still one of my favourite festive reads this year.

I really enjoyed it and completed it in one sitting. There are some really funny moments as well as some touching ones. One or two of the characters didn’t come across as completely real but I loved the character of Poppy and her journey through this novel. I felt that there were some real issues raised in the book about the personalities that we show to other people and how true they really are as well as it being a brilliant romantic comedy. I also loved the ending which was more hopeful than being an outright happy ending.

The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan
This was probably my favourite festive read this year. I loved the characters and the Lapland setting. It had just the right balance of tension between the characters to stop it being too sweet.

The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan
Another one that is definitely at the top of my list this year. This gorgeous book is set in Edinburgh and is full of lovely Christmassy feelings. It also features The Muppet Christmas Carol so you have to love it.

Christmas at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry
I love Veronica Henry and have read all of the beach hut books and this was just as good as the others. A lovely story about a woman who feels completely taken for granted by her family and escapes to the beach hut for Christmas. While she is there, she becomes involved in the lives of other people and helps them to sort out their problems. I loved all of the characters in this book and it has a lovely happy ending.

An Island Christmas/ Christmas at the Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan
These are books 3 and 4 in Jenny Colgan’s series about the fictional Scottish island of Mure. An Island Christmas was actually quite serious for a festive read and certainly has a more down beat ending than many others however I did enjoy meeting familiar characters again.
Christmas at the Island Hotel I felt was bit of a let down. There wasn’t any real tension between the characters or in the situations and it seemed to me that Jenny Colgan was tying up loose ends from the previous books.

A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan
This set in Aspen in the US and is full of champagne bubbles and sparkle. Rosie is planning to get married in four weeks time on Christmas Eve and wants her UK family to be with her. Her big sister thinks that she is rushing into things and wants to try and stop the wedding whereas her parents are hiding the fact that they have separated. And Rosie is beginning to have second thoughts.

Sarah Morgan never disappoints and this was another lovely Christmassy read with lots of snow

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A Surprise Christmas Wedding by Phillipa Ashley
One of my favourite things about so many of the Christmas books I have read this year has been the settings. This one is set in the Lake District and also includes real reindeer. It’s the story of Lottie, who is the events manager for a large estate, being asked to arrange her ex-fiance’s wedding at very short notice with all of the embarrassment that you would expect that to involve. It was an enjoyable read.

Meet me in London by Georgia Toffolo
This is my latest and probably last Christmas read. I’ve seen lots of good reviews of it but for some reason, it didn’t really live up to them for me. I’m never sure why certain books don’t appeal but I found myself skipping through this one quickly and not feeling very invested in the characters. I think it might just be down to the style of writing as I know lots of other people have really enjoyed this.

A Cornish Christmas Murder by Fiona Leitch
Not all of my festive reads have been romances, there have been a couple of murder mysteries in there too.
This one involves ex-policewoman Jodie Parker who is now a chef, catering for a children’s party in a large house on Bodmin Moor. There is a violent snow storm and she and her team are unable to leave the house. Inevitably , a murder occurs during the night.
This was a light hearted crime story with lots of comic moments as well as being a well plotted murder mystery. Definitely one to recommend for anyone who enjoys cosy crime mysteries.

The Christmas Murder Game by Alexandra Benedict
This was an unusual murder mystery as it involved the characters solving lots of riddles in order to inherit the family home. Again, it involved people being trapped in the house by a bad snow storm. I thought that it was a clever idea and the house was a brilliant character in its own right. I wasn’t sure that I believed in the characters though.

So that’s my festive reading all wrapped up for 2021. Have you read any of these? What did you think? Let me know in the comments as I would love to hear from you.