First Lines Friday

This is a meme which is hosted by Wandering Words. I’ve seen a few posts in recent weeks and then I read this opening which really resonated with me.

First times you can easily recall. First date, first kiss. First day at the job, your child’s first birthday. Your first view of the house you fell in love with, the first time you held the keys to your new car.
But last times come and go, and you never notice. The time you held his hand, the time you saw her smile: you overlooked those moments, and they slipped by unremarked. Only in hindsight, can you see them for what they were.
That hasty parting from an old friend, the visit to your mum that you cut short: if you realised they might be endings, mightn’t you stay a little longer, take the time to say a heartfelt goodbye?
Be mindful of such moments with your loved ones. One of them, one day, will be the last.

I think because I am in my last four weeks and very conscious that I am doing a lot of things for the last time. I’ve just finished writing my last set of reports and I’ve come back from my last ever residential trip but those are known endings. It’s the ones that you don’t know are the last times that are really painful.

Izzy and Tristan appear to have the perfect marriage but this is destroyed when Tristan is attacked at wedding reception. The hunt for his attacker and the repercussions of his attack and the investigation turns lives upside down.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well-written and the plot had plenty of twists but they all seemed to arise naturally rather than being contrived.

What first lines or pages have stuck with you lately?