Plant Life Cycle Foldable

I happened to have a look at the stats for my blog yesterday and noticed that one of my most visited posts is the one the that I posted in Jan 2013 – A Food Group Foldable
Despite being posted over 3 years ago, it still receives over 10 visits a month which may not sound like a lot but I thought that it would have disappeared into oblivion.

So I thought today’s post could be my latest addition to my foldable family


This one is a foldable to explain the different stages of a plant life cycle.

I like using foldables in different subject areas to give the children some variety in the way they present their work. The hexagon worked so well with Year 5 and their food topic that I felt that it was worth repeating in Year 6 for plants.


The children who don’t enjoy writing enjoy the foldables as the space is limited and so they don’t feel pressured to write more than they want to. My more able writers who have to more to say are able to squeeze a surprising amount of writing into a very small space.

I think that being able to record things in a different format does give some children a bit more enthusiasm for a task. What different ways do you record in books?


A Food Group Foldable

I’m still developing my ideas for different ways of children presenting their work and trying to use foldables across the curriculum.

I finished last term’s work on Fractions with a foldable which I found on pinterest. The children really enjoyed using it and many of them said that combining all their ideas onto one piece of work really helped them to understand.


This term I created an entirely new foldable which is all my own work rather than begin adapted from one that I have seen somewhere else. I’m sure that someone else has used the idea but I haven’t seen it being done quite like this. I began with a basic regular hexagon and then extended the sides to create a six pointed star. We then used this to identify the different food groups, the foods that were in each group and what each one does for our bodies.

The outside of the foldable


Foldable opened up to reveal information
Foldable opened up to reveal informationT

The empty triangle should have had a comment about the fact that we need to eat a balanced diet. The children did enjoy completing their star rather than just writing the information in their books or completing a worksheet. Whether the information stays in their heads any longer remains to be seen 🙂