Bullet Journal – Cats in June

A friend of mine suggested that I needed to do a cat theme for my bullet journal and as I felt it was time to try something different, I thought about how I could do it. First I needed to practise drawing cats. A quick look on google revealed lots of help for this . A search for cat doodles came up with lots of ideas with one of the best being a blog post by Sweet Planit which you can find here https://www.sweetplanit.com/home/how-to-draw-a-cat. There were also ideas on Instagram from @doodlingashley and @impawfectdoodles. I also decided to cheat a bit and see if there were any cat washi tapes out there. Of course there are! I do try not to use Amazon too much but sometimes it’s just too easy. Once I had my doodles and my cat stickers, I was ready to go.

My set up pages were the same as usual with pages for exercise, books and the other stuff I might do. I mainly used the stickers for the first pages partly because they were quite cute but also I have been really pushed for time this month. June was also a funny month as it started and is going to end mid week so that means two part spreads . If only all months were as well organised as February!

I really liked this idea for a cat based weekly spread. I shamelessly copied it from @doodlingashley on Instagram. It was quick to do as well.

The first full week was where I used my expertise in doodling cats!
I decided to give the cats a bit of a rest and had a fishy week instead. There is a sort of theme there.
Back to cats for the last full week of June with a mixture of doodles and stickers.
A final part spread to finish the month

The cat theme was fun and I enjoyed practising how to draw cartoon cats. I’m already planning what is going to be on my July pages.