Top 5 Tuesday – Books with Books

Welcome to this week’s Top 5 Tuesday post. Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it is now being hosted at Meeghan reads!! For details of all of the prompts for Jan- Mar see Meeghans page here

March is a month of scavenger hunts through our book shelves for the different themes. So far we’ve done doors, thrones, jewels and clocks but we are now down to the last which is my absolute favourite as it’s books with books!!! Who doesn’t love books about books? Just for this week, I actually had difficulty in deciding what my top 5 would be as I had a lot more than 5 to choose from.

These are the top 5 books with books which I have read in the past year.

This is possibly the best book cover and also the best Middle Grade book that I read last year.

Rachel and Robert have to uncover the secret of The Book of Stolen Dreams in order to save their father’s life. It’s a thrilling fantasy adventure and brilliantly written.

Another absolutely brilliant book about books. A mysterious reading list links a library volunteer and a lonely widower and they begin a new friendship. It’s a gorgeous read and definitely inspired me to read the books on the list.

One of the books featured on the reading list is Pride and Prejudice. This is the untold of Mary Bennett and another book that I absolutely loved last year.

Not many books make me laugh out loud but this was one of them. Nina Hill is a complete book worm and lives her life by her daily planner. Everything is perfect until one day, she receives some very unexpected news.

My final book is about a library threatened with closure. I think the current title is The Last Chance Library which actually makes more sense. This was a lovely book full of great characters and another of my favourite books about books.

What would your top 5 books with books be?

Thanks Meeghan for a great set of challenges. It’s been a lot of fun finding books each week. This week was definitely my favourite.


Top 5 Tuesday – 5 Books I didn’t get round to in 2021

Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it is now being hosted at Meeghan reads!! For details of all of the prompts for Jan- Mar see Meeghans page here

There were a lot of books that I didn’t manage to get round in 2021 but I will just choose the ones that I am going to try and read early in 2022.

Every great city has a soul. Some are as ancient as myths, others are as new and destructive as children. New York? She’s got six = and all will be called to arms in the greatest battle the city has ever fought.

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Ryxander, Warden of Gloamingard, has failed. Unsealed by her blood, the Door hidden within the black tower has opened. Now, for the first time since the age of the Graces, demons walk the world.
As tensions grow between nations, all eyes-and daggers are set on Morgrain, fallen under the Demon of Discord’s control. In an attempt to save her home from destruction, Ryx and the Rookery set out to find a powerful artifact. But powerful enemies are on the hunt and they’re closing in fast.

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After saving her nation of Nikan from foreign invaders and battling the evil Empress Su Daji in a brutal civil war, Fang Runin was betrayed by allies and left for dead. 

Despite her losses, Rin hasn’t given up on those for whom she has sacrificed so much—the people of the southern provinces and especially Tikany, the village that is her home. Returning to her roots, Rin meets difficult challenges—and unexpected opportunities. As her power and influence grows, though, will she be strong enough to resist the Phoenix’s intoxicating voice urging her to burn the world and everything in it?

Aleisha is a bright but anxious teenager working at the local library for the summer when she discovers a crumpled-up piece of paper in the back of To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s a list of novels that she’s never heard of before. Intrigued, and a little bored with her slow job at the checkout desk, she impulsively decides to read every book on the list, one after the other. As each story gives up its magic, the books transport Aleisha from the painful realities she’s facing at home.

Kate Marshall’s fledgling detective agency takes off when she and her partner, Tristan are hired to investigate a cold case from over a decade before. Twelve years ago, a determined young journalist exposed a major political scandal, but in the fallout, she disappeared without trace and was never found.
As Kate investigates, she realises that the journalist was onto something much more sinister than anyone believed.
The closer Kate comes to finding the killer, the darker things become………

These are my top books that I didn’t manage to get round to in 2022 and intend to read very soon.

What books did you not get round to last year?